Development and management system for building a successful corporate's app strategy

Appabrik is an iOS / Android app tool that allows you to develop and operate apps without programming.

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Appabrik strengths

High quality App

at cost of 1/10

High-quality native apps available at low cost. You can also update the application through the system, so you don't have to ask a programmer to update the application.

Develop iOS / Android App

at the same time

Since both applications can be developed on one system, the overall cost is reduced. Also, the usage analysis can be done smoothly.

Publish your App on store

in about one month

The era where you can not see the App until just before delivery is gone. Now, you can plan and make improvements while actually using it. Using this method, you can release a better app faster.

Impressive features for App management


Use an intuitive management screen that can be easily operated by anyone. If you already have a web site, you can minimize the operation cost because Appabrik includes a mechanism that allows you to operate the web site and the App at the same time.

Access to newest features

As new features are added via the cloud, you will always be able to use a bast number of new functions. Applications created by Appabrik are also upgraded automatically in response to iOS / Android OS updates.

Support even after operation starts

We also give post-release support, so you can focus on expanding your business.

Example of functions that can be installed in an App

Instant sale notification

Issue coupon

Search for a physical shop

And other unique features! Please feel free to contact us.

Introduction step



We will meet with you to understand your needs, set a quote, and produce samples based on the results of the meeting.


App production

We will start production after the order is placed.



The app will be registered and published in the store. This marks it official release.


Operation start

Our staff will give a full support.

Release your App in about one month!

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For further information about the introduction step and quotation please do not hesitate to contact us.

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